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Great Projects require Great Clients

Great projects are only possible if a Great Client chooses to work with a Good Architect, and if the Client has a Great Project.   Here are two projects that are looking for Great Clients:

The GreenHouse

The GreenHouse ( Client gets to choose proper name) takes the best of current Northern passive solar design and marries it seamlessly with the emerging electric and hybrid cars into a totally new house concept.   Imagine arriving in your electric or hybrid car in the winter, opening a rolling glass door remotely and entering in the car directly into a large greenhouse, bordered by the remainder of the house.  Once inside, unload the car and enter the house while warm and toasty while the air is fragrant with smells of flowers.    The green house space will serve as a spectacular and warm entry to your house, keeping your car protected from the weather.   The battery of the car will be charged by the house photovoltaic system where the car battery is a critical part of the system.  The house would be super insulated to "Passiv Haus" standards and a small windmill may augment the power production to produce all the power required. The green house entry can be used as a play and party area, when the car is outside, and the room will temper heat losses and contribute to passive solar collection.   Suggested budget $500,000 depending on size, car and equipment.

The GreenVillage

While most people choose city living as the most sustainable option, there are still many who prefer to live in the countryside, especially if they like gardening and farming, the peace and quiet or the option of having livestock like a horse or a cow.   The GreenVillage tries to combine the best of City and country living in a solar village based on sustainable practices and proven social concepts.   The dwellings will be densely situated to allow for most of the land to continue to be farmed or left natural without the use of any chemicals.  The dwellings would be built using sustainable principles and can be of all types from single family to multiple dwellings as needed for the residents.   Live and work situations would be encouraged so that residents would not have to commute to town.   Possible occupations could be at home IT business, small food producer such as a baker, someone running a cafe or bed and breakfast, daycare operator, carpenter builder ready to build in the community and of course one or more farmers interested in growing vegetables, chickens, eggs etc for the community.  The principles of the legal set-up would be co-housing based on a condominium legal setup.   Shared and sustainable facilities could include a windmill, a common room with a kitchen, a common workshop, a living machine type sewage disposal system, a van for commutes to the city, a common for children and community celebrations.   PEI is ideal as we have good farming land that can be found with water frontage or water view and still be relatively close to needed city facilities such as a hospital.   Initial investment $1 to $2,000,000.  The planned 50-100 cohabitants would be expected to contribute $50,000 each towards land and infrastructure,  plus the cost of their own dwelling.