Urban  Professionals

enjoy living at the Y Lofts for the convenient downtown location and the contemporary open plan style.   50% of our residents are between 30 and 40.   Unlike other projects on PEI, you are allowed to mix work and pleasure as you see fit in our live and work Lofts.  Great for professionals starting (or ending) a career.   Of course your activity has to meet our by-laws so that other residents' comfort is assured.

Each Y Loft is Unique

with most featuring 20' ceilings and original hardwood floors.    Some have been tastefully finished while others are roughed in only, waiting to be finished to your particular needs and personal style.  The prices range from $200,000 to $600,000.  We offer design services to new Owners.  Since we have been involved in this project from the start, we know the potentials and limitations of every Loft, and we are happy to show you our own Loft 1 as a spectacular lived in example.

If you want to buy

a Y Loft, your best bet is to contact Panda Realty at 902 314 6220.  The owner Daniel Rashed owns two Y Lofts and lives in one himself.

Want just a Share?

If you only have limited time to spend on Prince Edward Island you could buy a share.  For instance a 1/10 share giving you one week in the summer and 4 weeks off season  ($75,000).   Remember the Y Loft is not only a great place to relax.  It is also a great place to showcase yourself, your products or services and the Loft is ideal for receptions and workshops and even features a licensed kitchen and Cafe set-up.   Call or e-mail Ole at 902 629 0438  or olehammarlund@gmail.com to discuss.

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