Karen Emily Lips

Landscape Architect

​Karen was born in Ottawa.  She graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto, with a focus on Urban Design. She has pursued specialized training in Historic Landscape Conservation at the Universities of York(UK) and Versailles and in 2007 was awarded, Magna cum Laude, her Master's in Conservation of Monuments and Sites from the Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

With over thirty years of experience in design and project development on Prince Edward Island , on a variety of scales, Karen has engaged with many community groups and individual clients to develop innovative and award-winning projects.  Her work aims to conserve and create an authentic sense of place in our changing urban and rural environment.   Karen has a longstanding relationship with the PEI arts community, having served the PEI Arts Council and Arts Guild as Board member, as Chairman and as Interim Director.  In 1999 she organized the 25th anniversary Festival of the Arts.   In 2008 Karen taught as an "External Scholar" in the faculty of Graduate Studies at the Dalhousie School of Architecture.  Her studio course "Ephemeral Architecture and Urban Design" guided the students in the design of temporary structures, installations and festival events to 'revalidate' some of the neglected fountain plazas in Paris, based on her research of the identity, meaning and urban context of the spaces.

Karen has been based on Prince Edward Island since 1977, where she was drawn by idyllic childhood memories of Island summer, and by the back-to-the-land sustainability movement epitomized by the 'PEI Ark' bioshelter at Spry Point.

Ole Hammarlund


Ole Hammarlund was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He attended the Architecture School of the Royal Academy of the Arts, Copenhagen where he studied for two years until transferring to the MIT School of Architecture in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   Ole graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and became licensed as an architect in Massachusetts.  In 1974 Ole Hammarlund was commissioned with partner David Bergmark to design the PEI Ark, on Prince Edward Isalnd, a visionary bioshelter funded by the Canadian government for the New Alchemy Institute.   The Ark was opened in August 1976 by Pierre Trudeau and the building became an instant tourist attraction on PEI. As a result of the Ark Ole Hammarlund settled permanently on PEI with wife and landscape architect Karen Lips. Ole Hammarlund's many architectural projects on Prince Edward Island are well known and include the Coles Legislative Building, The Guild, Main Building, Irving Chemistry Building and Duffy Building at UPEI, Charlottetown Rural High School, Greenwich Beach Facility, the PEI Advanced House and the Jane Canfield Building.   All these projects were completed through Bergmark and Hammarlund Architects and Bergmark Guimond Hammarlund Jones (BGHJ) Architects where Ole Hammarlund was a founding partner. Ole Hammarlund has specialized in sustainable projects, the latest being the Jane Canfield Building where Ole was the LEED coordinator.  The Jane Canfield Building received the first Lieutenant Governor's Award in Architecture on PEI, with the PEI Ark getting an honorable mention. Recently, Ole Hammarlund has taken a principal role in developing the former Charlottetown YMCA into loft style live and work condos and he now resides there. This is the first and only live/work condo project on Prince Edward Island. In 2013 Ole Hammarlund was named Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the highest honor bestowed by this national organization. Presently Ole Hammarlund practices architecture with his wife under the name Hammarlund and Lips Architects.

Prince Edward Island (PEI) Architects

Hammarlund and Lips Architects 
Hammarlund and Lips Architects What we do:Site/Building Consultation. 

We will come to your property and assess its potential.   Be it a site or a building, we will talk about the options possible and point out any problems that we see. 

If it is an existing building we will inspect it from top to bottom, interior as well as exterior.  If it is a site we will walk it with you while we find out what your dreams and ambitions are for your planned project. 

Following the site visit, we will provide a short report stating what we have found.  If you have yet to close the deal, this report could well save you considerable future expenses.   PEI’s most interesting cup of coffee:  

Bring your photos, plans, magazine cut outs and survey plans to our conference room/cafe and we will review the material and provide constructive advice on how to proceed over a cup of cappuccino.  First consultation is free. What we really like to do

We like to be involved from the very beginning to the very end.  It is often advantageous to consult with us even before you purchase your property.  That way you avoid purchasing a property with unexpected problems and can often negotiate a discount based on our findings. 

We are particularly interested in and skilled in sustainable land development and passive solar houses and renovations.  Our work experience on PEI

We have decades of experience, spanning from the PEI Ark started in 1974 to the development and renovations of the Y Lofts.   Other work includes the Coles Legislative Building, the landscaping of the Confederation Centre, the Guild, the Rochford Square, Main and Duffy Buildings at UPEI, Hensley Green and Kings Square Co-ops, Donagh School, the PEI Advanced House, and the PEI Supreme Court.  

Ole was a founding partner in Solsearch Architects, Bergmark and Hammarlund Architects and BGHJ (Bergmark Guimond Hammarlund Jones) Architects and now practices with Karen Lips in the firm Hammarlund and Lips Architects, offering architectural and landscape architectural services, land art and 'green' interior design.